„It” – dreams come true. Perfect horror movie arrived.

I can’t believe that was possible but it was… Week before premiere i forgot about movie „It”. As an addicted fan of Stephen King i can’t imaginate how it was possible, especially that recently I was at his „The Dark Tower”. I think it was another great movie from his brand. In few more words I will write about „The Dark Tower”. From comments which i read in internet i know that movie wasn’t treated „warm”. Well in my opinion, most of the audience doesn’t know that this movie is just the beginning. First from series of 8 movies. Honestly when I red first chapter of „The Dark Tower”, lets say 10 years ago, i expected something more also. But i can’t wait to see second chapter and some psycho woman on wheelchair. The whole story is more complex than „The Lord of the Rings” in my opinion, so we need to wait for next chapters of this story. It’s his masterpiece so i know what we can expect. Well let’s go back to „IT”… or just start to write about this movie…

… without any doubt „IT” is a…


That movie is just briliant in every single detail and noone is able to change my mind is this subject. The movie which just in USA earn in first weekend triple than second movie in boxoffice in history. September is a poor month for every movie, and almost every year we can’t see anything interesting. Maybe that was the reason why Stephen King decided to release it just now. No competition is a good way to get higher profits. Nice job master. Well if we are talking about second horror in history… i wouldn’t say anytning. I were thinking why King hasn’t released any book in this year, but if he has to put a hand on producing 8 movies from „The Dark Tower” and „IT”… and „IT”… I found an answer for my question.

Average score on filmweb (polish site) is 7,2 (30k votes) and 8,0 (90k) on IMDB. It sounds really good. Especially if we consider that horror is a really tricky kind of movie. For some audience it would be too scary, for some it would be dull like morning shaving. Scores wouldn’t be higher, that’s it.

Plot of the movie has been adapted to current times, action been moved to future for about 30 years (I’m almost sure that 27, but I’m too lazy to take book which is 2 meters away). It’s because audience could better feel the plot.

Effects in this movie, if we talking about movie with budget 35kkk $, when curently one role of Hollywood star can cost more, are amizing. Some of the people probably will say that they are silly but as I said before, horror is really weird kind of movie.

Heroes (pack of small children) have to meet with their first, with title „IT”. This is beast which seems diffret for anyone, sometimes it is zombie, sometimes just claun. Always it is something which is the biggest fear of this person. During the movie guys and one gal, deciede to challange their fears. In the final moment they kill „IT”… but just for 27 years. IT will come again, for them and for us… in „IT: chapter 2”.

Before watching this film I were afraid that producers, directors and actors will do something wrong. Well shit happens everytime for everyone. Bu t not this time. „IT” is masterpiece for genre, like „The Green Mile”, „Mist” or „Shawshank Redeptiom”.

I want to see how much will earn second chapter, and i think that first position on box office in history is possible.


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